Hello and welcome. You have probably noticed that you can’t get to any part of the site except what we have designated for the guest to see. That’s because you haven’t registered or logged in. That’s ok, This page is here to help you out. If you are already registered and just need to login, just click here. If you need to register, we need to explain a few things first. The registration process is pretty easy, but not instant. We are a pretty tight knit group and want every member to meet a few requirements.
  1. You have to be a Jeep of Off-Road enthusiast, I mean, come on … why would you want to be “in” a Jeep Group if you are really interested in farm tractors? Really? This is a pretty strict requirement …
  2. You have to be local to the Kansas City Missouri Area … hence the name “KC Northland” Jeepers.
  3. If you are a troll, don’t bother. We are here to have a good time, make some great memories and combine efforts to help one another out.
  4. We like to get to know you, once again, tight knit group. You will also get to know us. Our hopes and dreams … our goals to be the best Jeepers Group ever …  not just some Facebook page and website that likes the sound of  their own horn. (I made a funny, did you catch that?)
  5. Once you complete the registration process, your registration will be evaluated by our staff (an awesome group of volunteers that believe every word that is written here and take their duties VERY seriously). Once you are all done, you HAVE to be approved by our admins and moderators. It won’t take long, but is a necessary step into making sure that you meet the criteria of the group.
  6. We DO NOT require any membership fees. However, we do offer various different apparel and knick-knacks that can be purchased … every once in a while, if something catches your fancy … please, make a purchase. This helps to support the KC Northland Jeepers website, events, giveaways and such. We are 100% non-profit and 100% volunteer, all purchases are made by a 3rd party vendor that we use.  We in NO WAY require any purchases from you. This Group is here to have fun, help each other learn, and give back to our local community.
Well, that about covers it … if you meet these requirements, please, by all means … start your registration!